MBA Management

Master of Business Administration – Management

What is MBA MIS

The Master's in Management Information Systems (MIS) and Master's in Business Administration (MBA) Dual Degree Program is a unique opportunity enabling candidates to earn two Masters degrees from two of the Eller College's premier programs. Successful candidates will obtain general management and functional business skills, and technical skills in information systems. The combination of business and technical training will equip students with the skill set to design and implement business solutions; therefore, making students more marketable to potential employers.

Foundation Courses

(not compulsory- students who do not meet the entry requirements may be asked to attend the Foundation Modules.)

  • MBA-510 - Foundations in Economics

    This module is designed for students with no previous background in economics. It examines the fundamental economic principles such as scarcity and choice, opportunity cost, demand and supply, elasticity, cost of production and market structures

  • MBA-520 - Foundations in Accounting
  • MBA-530 - Foundations in Statistics and Research

Compulsory Modules

Core Modules (leading to PG Certificate)

  • MBA-604 - Decision-Making Tools and Research Methods
  • MBA-607 - Organisations and HR Management
  • MBA-608 - Business Economics
  • MBA-621 - Financial and Managerial Accounting

Core Modules (leading to PG Diploma)

  • MBA-622 - Financial Management
  • MBA-667 - Strategic Marketing
  • MBA-670 - Operations and Quality Management
  • MBA-685 - Corporate Strategy

Elective Concentrations Leading To MBA: Management Concentration

  • MBA-701 - Organisational Behaviour
  • MBA-703 - Business Ethics
  • MBA-706 - Managing Corporate Change
  • MBA-707 - Entrepreneurship and SMEs