About Brooklyn

Founded in 2005. It is recognized for the quality of its teaching, research, and unique curriculum
Brooklyn Institute is located in New Jersey, East Brunswick - East Brunswick (HQ) 197 State Route 18 South Suite 3000, South wing East Brunswick 08816

Brooklyn Institute was located before 2017 in 300 Cadman Plaza West, Brooklyn, New York, 11201

is proud of its rich history of rigorous, relevant research and the impact of its faculty and students on the world. Here are some of the highlights from the school’s past century of groundbreaking work

Important work comes to those who take individual risks in the interest of the general good.


Brooklyn Institute has a rich history of global engagement, with a global footprint that today spans seven major international regions. Our collaborations with organizations, universities, and government agencies help shape the perspective and knowledge of business leaders throughout the world and enrich our work at home on campus.

Our global reach reflects the School’s emphasis on learning by doing and innovation through collaboration. The breadth and depth of these relationships range from formal partner programs with academic and research institutions in key regions around the world to academic and industry conferences, Action Learning projects, and other ventures that facilitate cross-cultural exposure and idea sharing. Brooklyn Institute draws on its international convening power to bring thought leaders together to affect global management practices and improve the world.


The leadership team at Brooklyn Institute is committed to upholding and promoting the mission of the School: to develop principled, innovative leaders who improve the world and to generate ideas that advance management practice.

With their diverse backgrounds and perspectives, the Dean, the members of the Office of the Dean, the Dean’s Leadership Council, and the Brooklyn Institute Executive boards work together to lead the school forward, supporting the faculty and staff, spearheading a host of new projects and initiatives on campus and around the world, and building and sustaining the collaborative, inclusive environment for students that encourages learning and invention.